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Under what circumstances is it okay to lie to someone you know or getting familiar with???
RodneyP · 615 days ago

Is it because of the persons feelings? Is it because of your feelings? Do you have Ulterior Motives? Or is it because you don't want to know the truth?
MrsPrice · 608 days ago

“A Texas man was charged with capital murder on Thursday after appearing at the house of his estranged wife's relatives disguised as a FedEx driver and gunning down a married couple and four of their children, authorities said.” I Had Someone Recently Ask
RodneyP · 502 days ago

I had someone recently ask the question, "Where are all the good men at"? This is one of those age old questions that keep rearing its head, but never quite gets settled or answered. Maybe the question is not so much where the good men are, but what type o
RodneyP · 505 days ago

We all know someone or have been in a relationship that should have ended much sooner than it actually lasted. Everyday people make conscious decisions to remain in relationships even when they know they shouldn't. Why do people hold on to things they alre
RodneyP · 531 days ago

If you've ever heard the expression "I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth" did you already know or feel a lie was coming eventually? How soon when meeting someone should you be honest about everything asked or not asked of you? The tru
RodneyP · 547 days ago

In today's relationships, everyone believes he or she knows what it takes to please their partners intimately. In your previous or last relationship was your mate completely unsatisfying with intimacy because of their lack of knowledge in that area or were
RodneyP · 555 days ago

In today's time we see a great deal of couples together and assume that most is well with them. That is sole reason why so many people yearn to be with someone rather than be alone. Simply based on what the eyes can see. Time and time again we recognize th
RodneyP · 561 days ago

Who appears to give the best relationship advice...Single people or individuals in committed relationships? Which would you take or seek advice from?
RodneyP · 566 days ago

We know there are people who encourage honesty above everything, but are "YOU" willing to be completely honest (married or single) with your partner or interested party about Any and Everything? Let's do the math on this one.
RodneyP · 569 days ago
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