About Us

We provide a wealth of information by reaching out to schools, businesses, entities of healthcare and other elements that bind communities via fund raising, sponsoring and awareness events through our social networking platform. We motivate and inspire communities to achieve success by featuring better education from primary to higher learning. In addition, we bring forth a teaching to the community about budgeting, growth, and the definition of retail and reform. We strive to promote communities to invest in locally owned businesses and increase awareness of minority produced products. Time2GetReal is promoting the minority to become the majority through knowledge and empowerment.


Our featured blogs "flogs" are actual stories that show a positive outlook on success within our community. We are showcasing those who are successful in emphasizing to communities that we can do anything possible.

Our goal is to show the true meaning of empowerment and uplifting people by showing that the minority IS and always will be the majority.


Time2GetReal is a female minority owned social networking production and entertainment company that provides a wealth of information to people. We motivate and inspire people with impactful knowledge, pushing communities closer together through the strong binding relationships of business and community.